• Healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp!!! We are proud to present you with our “HAIRGOD SCALP PRO”. This silicone-tipped massager handle is made of upcycled wheat straw material for maximum comfort! This is a multi-purpose massager that stimulates blood flow on the scalp dramatically improving hair growth. This versatile massager is amazing for washing the hair and perfectly cleaning all dirt and debris off of the scalp, this will change the way you wash your hair. Cleaner hair for longer. Safe to use with and without extensions! Get a salon-quality clean with every at-home wash. Our “SCALP PRO” massager is best paired with our “growth potion” oil to help maximize its level of penetration into the follicles. Using a scalp massager helps to activate dormant follicles in the quickest way possible, A combination of scalp stimulation from the “SCALP PRO”  brings blood flow to the desired area while the “GROWTH POTION”  formula delivers essential hair growth nutrients to new and existing hair.

    HairGod Scalp Pro