• HAIRGOD extensions are made from only the finest in ethically sourced, double drawn, Remy, virgin cuticle hair. ALL HAIRGOD hair is 8A the highest grade available in North America. All hair donors give consent and are paid top dollar for their virgin hair. We take pride in offering double industry standards to hair donors,  while still maintaining competitive retail pricing for the best quality Russian and Chinese hair. HAIRGOD hair is double drawn, it starts out completely virgin and is dyed over the span of 3 weeks to keep the integrity of the hair shaft intact. Free of silicones and chemical coatings HAIRGOD hair is just as luxurious a year later as it is on the day you purchase with attention to maintenance. Why choose HAIRGOD hair? We offer a variety of tapes, fusions, wefts, clip-ins, bundles and ponytails that will last you a minimum of 1 year and a maximum of 5 years depending on wear, aftercare and maintenance. Our hair does not matte, shed or frizz. You do not require a brush when you’re out of the house for long periods of time or in the heat, this hair holds it’s style all day with no frizz! Our hair is 100% human from root to tip, we select only the finest and healthiest in Russian and Chinese virgin cuticle hair. HAIRGOD hair is an investment, buying hair 80% less than the average consumer by investing in top quality, long lasting, luxurious hair! 

    Our Luxury Grade 8A Remy Virgin HairGod Wefts Are Double Drawn Machine Sewn & Can Be Used For Multi Purpose Extension Methods Use Such As Micro Beaded Wefts, Sew-in Weave, Wig Making & Wrapped Pony Tails. 

    HairGod Wefts Come In 24” , Our Longest Extension Yet, In 9 Of Our Most Popular Shades : Available - #1 “MAD MAX”, #2 “MOON BABY”, #2 “ESPRESSO YOURSELF”, #3 “HONEY SUCKLE EMPRESS”, #6 “HEIR HAZELNUT”, #18 “CHAMPAGNE BUBBLY”, #18/60 “LUSH LAVISH TWO TONE BLEND”, #613 “MILKY POSH”, Silver “RAQPUNZEL