• Our HairGod Black Matte Clips are durable as well as aesthetically pleasing. 

    They offer precision as the clip holds hair securely in place allowing for clean sectioning. Our HairGod Carbon Clips are heat resistent and can be used on all textures without pulling or compromising the hair strands. Use our clips to secure your pin curls or rollers while they cool and set to enhance the longevity of your style by 2-3 days !


    HairGod Black Matte Carbon Black Clips is priced at $3.49 for each.

    HAIRGOD's Black Matte Carbon Clips

    • All sales are final, no refund or exchanges. All HAIRGOD products are kept in a sterile sanitary environment at the perfect temperature and humidity for the best function. Please ensure all of your products are ordered correctly, we are only able to make changes to parcels before they are shipped out, we are not able to accept any product back after it has left our facility! Client safety and product hygiene is our priority.