• Aailable in pink and blue, our mulberry silk coated foam wire heatless hair styler is a must have for the perfect curls everyday with NO heat damage. This revolutionary “Heatless Hair wrap” imitates our infamous in house blowout done by HAIRGOD her self, easy to use, apply this simple hair wrap in 5 minutes or less and it can sit for an hour or up to 12 hours! Get the best results by applying your “Heatless Hair Wrap” to damp hair and letting sit until hair is dry or use the cold air/ low heat setting on your blow dryer to dry hair completely. Results last just as long as your favourite salon blowout. This is a one time investment you’ll have for life, durable, endlessly reusable and promotes natural hair growth. 


    1 HAIRGOD HEATLESS HAIR WRAP kit contains:

    -1 mulberry silk foam wire styler 

    -2x mulberry silk scrunchies 

    -1x XL head clamp