• HAIRGOD X LASHGOD BOAR BRISTLE BRUSHAuthentic long lasting boar bristle brush, a once in a lifetime hand crafted investment !We’ve been obsessed with boar bristle brushes  for years, we are so proud to be able to offer ethically source boar bristles, all boar hair is shaved the same way as wool during grooming. This all natural product is packed with hair benefits we recommend to all our clients who are interested in improving their hair texture and growth! Read below for all the juicy hair growth details: 	1.	Boar bristles are the perfect thickness and texture to massage the scalp, this unclogs hair follicles and increases blood flow. 	2.	 The brush takes oils from your scalp and distributes it evenly throughout the hair shaft and ends! This gives you shine that mimics the effect of product with your natural scalp oils 	3.	The sebaceous oils moisturize damaged unhealthy hair and helps further replenish healthy hair. The scalp oils help to mend and seal split ends 	4.	The scalps sebaceous oils are a natural barrier and Protects your hair this prevents breakage and actually strengthens all layers of the hair 	5.	The boar bristle brush is the recipe to no frizz! The oils from your own head is the absolute best thing to tame and nourish your hair! Frizzy hair is a sign of unhealthy hair, the nutrients for your scalp oils will actually make hair healthier over time 	6.	Boar bristles actually cleans the hair from oils that weights down your roots and makes them look greasy! The absorbent  properties of boar bristle also take oils from your hair onto the brush 	7.	A personal favourite perk of boar bristle brushes is that it’s a great heartless styling tool! It helps straighten fly aways and smooth curls, brushing the hair upward from the forehead and scalp will give amazing root volume 	8.	The oils condition your natural hair and make it soft to touch and thick from room to tip, the hair oils that keep the root hair so luscious are now being dispersed all over

    Growth Spell Brush